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iPad Teleprompter - an affordable solution

If you already own an iPad, an iPad Teleprompter is the ideal solution to use a teleprompter in a cheap and flexible way.

An iPad teleprompter helps you keep your concept even when you’re recording longer videos for sales or training. You don’t have to memorize the texts, don’t lose the thread and still look into the camera. The viewer has the feeling that you are looking directly at him.

iPad Teleprompter and PPT Mirror

With PPT Mirror you can easily mirror a PowerPoint presentation and then use it in an iPad teleprompter. With this software tool you load your PowerPoint file and export it either as a mirrored PowerPoint or as a PDF (mirrored). You transfer the mirrored presentation to your iPad and place it in the teleprompter – that’s it.

If you still use a remote control, you can record your video completely on your own and without any help.

What exactly is an iPad Teleprompter?

Strictly speaking it is a teleprompter without its own screen or PC. Because you’re using an iPad to play your presentation – the teleprompter itself is basically just a device that consists of a glass panel in a pivoting metal frame with a non-reflective cover.


Advantage using your iPad  in a Teleprompter

  • Cheap solution, because you are using your (existing) iPad
  • Lightweight and portable
  • No power supply necessary
  • Remote control with Bluetooth
  • Simply mount the Prompter on a photo tripod and get started
  • It be used with common cameras (DSLR, video cameras, smartphones)