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Schau mir in die Augen… überzeugende Videos mit Blickkontakt dank Teleprompter und PPT Mirror

Friend or enemy? A look in the eye is recognition number one.

Eye contact is in all cultures and worldwide what we can tell if the other person is honest and friendly to us or not.

Conversely, the conclusion is obvious: He who does not look you in the eye, lies.

What does eye contact mean for videos?

If you don’t manage to look your viewer “in the eye”, your video loses its impact significantly: You convince less, appear less credible and the result is: You sell less.

Even in training courses, the learning success depends decisively on whether we trust the instructor or not. Who wants to learn something that they think might not be true?

Therefore it is enormously important to look the observer in the eye. And this is exactly what you can do very easily if you use a teleprompter.

Create a compelling video in four easy steps:


Create a PowerPoint presentation (if necessary also free of charge with Google Drive), in which the important points are stored as slides

  1. Speak the slides to yourself several times – until it sounds natural.
  2. Try not to read word for word and shorten the text so that you can quickly grasp the content.
  3. Mirror the presentation with PPT Mirror and transfer it to an iPad / Android Tablet
  4. Record your video with a passive teleprompter (less than $200 purchase price) and make sure that you speak as freely as possible



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