Convincing videos
with PPT-Mirror and Teleprompter

Speak freely and get your message across naturally

With PPT Mirror you can easily record longer videos – like a professional. Sales or training videos look more authentic and also the post-editing takes much less time, because you don’t lose the red thread.

Another advantage: Your language remains natural because you don’t read off word for word. Simply use existing lectures and create professional learning and sales videos from them!

Self-produced videos with teleprompter and PPT Mirror

It’s as simple as this: you take your iPad or other tablet, a cheap passive teleprompter (you’ll get tips on this via email), as well as PowerPoint (alternatively: Google Presentations) and our PPT Mirror application.

Recording videos has never been easier: mirror PowerPoint, place your tablet in the teleprompter and get started!

Sell more effectively

Because you seem more authentic in your videos.

Better training

Because you keep “eye contact” with your viewers.

Confident appearance

Because you always have your concept in mind and still look directly at the viewer.

What satisfied users say

I am 100% satisfied with the software, it is a great investment for me.
The size of the download is small so the program runs really smoothly, the front end interface of the app is just wonderful.
It is so simple and straightforward, great job.
I am using this to record educational videos at home. Thanks again for such wonderful software.

Here is the link to my youtube channel.

Terry, The Teacher 

How does the PPT Mirror application for Windows work?

Open your PowerPoint file with PPT Mirror

Create a new presentation from it with one click, in which all slides are displayed mirror-inverted.

Save the presentation as a PowerPoint or PDF file and use it in the tablet.

This makes it easy to use on a teleprompter, Apple iPad or iPhone with the appropriate app (Keynote or PowerPoint). In conjunction with a remote control (presenter), you can also record longer videos without outside help and keep the thread.

How does a teleprompter work?

The principle of a teleprompter is a semi-transparent mirror. This reflects the flat monitor image (e.g. from your tablet) towards the viewer, while the camera films through the glass from behind. The speaker thus looks directly into the camera and at the same time sees his presentation in the mirror.

To get a mirrored PowerPoint presentation, load it with PPT Mirror and save a mirrored PowerPoint presentation (optionally as PDF if you don’t have PowerPoint on your tablet). You can now play them back on your iPad or iPhone and use them in the teleprompter.

The disadvantages of a traditional teleprompter app

Of course, you can also use a standard teleprompter app. However, it can usually only scroll text, which you then have to read off. This often leads to a tense posture and strained facial expression in the non-professional speaker.

7 reasons why you shouldn't use a teleprompter app: