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Convincing videos with PPT-Mirror and teleprompter

Do you want to record convincing videos using your existing PowerPoint presentations ?

The solution: Use a cheap passive teleprompter and PTT mirror!
PPT Mirror mirrors your PowerPoint presentation so that you can use it immediately in the prompter.

You can record convincing videos in a short time and always keep the red thread – like a professional

Speak freely and of course “get your message across” in self-produced videos. These are the advantages of Teleprompter + PPT Mirror:

  • Sell more effectively because you look more authentic in your videos
  • Better trainings, because you keep “eye contact” with your audience
  • Confident and convincing appearance, because you always have your concept in mind and still look directly at the viewer

It’s as simple as this: You take your iPad or another tablet, a cheap passive teleprompter (you’ll get tips by e-mail), as well as Powerpoint (alternatively: Google Drive) and our PPT Mirror application.

Recording videos has never been so easy: Display PowerPoint mirrored, put the tablet into the teleprompter and start!

With PPT Mirror you can easily record longer videos – just like a professional. Sales or training videos look more authentic and post-production takes much less time because you don’t lose the thread.

Another advantage: Your language remains natural because you don’t have to read word for word. Simply use existing presentations and create professional learning and sales videos!

Ralf Armbrüster

Geschäftsführer, intellicon GmbH

How does the PPT Mirror Application for Windows work?

3 Easy Steps

  1. Load your Powerpoint file with PPT Mirror
  2. Convert the file with one click into a new presentation in which all slides are displayed mirror-inverted.
  3. Save the presentation as Powerpoint or PDF file and use it in the Tablet.

This means that it can easily be used on a teleprompter using the Apple iPad or iPhone with the corresponding app (Keynote or Powerpoint). In connection with a remote control (Presenter) you can also record longer videos without help and keep the “red thread”..

How does a teleprompter work?

The principle of a teleprompter is a semi-permeable mirror. It reflects the flat monitor image (e.g. from your tablet) towards the viewer, while the camera films through the window from behind. The speaker thus looks directly into the camera and at the same time sees his presentation in the mirror.

To get a mirrored PowerPoint presentation, load it with PPT Mirror and save a mirrored PowerPoint presentation (optionally also as PDF if you don’t have PowerPoint on your tablet). You can now play this presentation on your iPad or iPhone and use it in your teleprompter (see picture)


How to order

You can order PPT Mirror comfortably and securely via our payment provider digistore24 – just click on the “Order PPT Mirror” button on the right to place your order.

New: At the same time you get access to our cloud solution, which works in every browser and with every device. You can easily upload a presentation and download the mirrored presentation afterwards.

You will receive your download link and license key immediately after you have placed your order, even if it’s two o’clock at night…

PPT Mirror works with all Windows versions. The cloud version also works directly with your Tablet or Mac. Just order PPT Mirror and start presenting your presentations as videos.

Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version)

“Classic” Teleprompter apps are also an alternative, but they usually only scroll text, which you then have to read. For non-professional speakers this often leads to a tense posture and a strained facial expression..

Don’t use the old stuff: The disadvantages of classic teleprompter apps: 7 reasons why you should not use a “classic” teleprompter app.

You may have wondered whether you could not just work with a teleprompter app.

But this has considerable disadvantages:

You’re reading text. Only professionals are able to avoid the impression of “reading
Your reading speed is always the same – it quickly seems monotonous and boring
Your eye movements indicate that you are reading
The text has to be worked out exactly – that costs a lot of time
Reading and speaking at the same time requires a lot of concentration – it makes you look strained
A slip of the tongue betrays you immediately – you can tell if someone promises to be “natural” or when reading text
“Is he/she reading?” You don’t need those comments below your videos…