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Teleprompter Software

Use Powerpoint as teleprompter software

Teleprompter software is often very cumbersome to use. First you have to type a text, get it on your device.

Then the software mirrors it and scrolls it across the screen at an adjustable speed.

Usually you have to try multiple times to adjust the speed according to the speed you can read and speak.

It is much easier to use Powerpoint, Keynote or Google presentations.

The better way: Simply mirror-flip your Powerpoint Presentation!

With just a few clicks you can mirror your PowerPoint presentation so that you can use it in a teleprompter without any problems.

Just use a cheap passive teleprompter and your iPad, tablet or smartphone.

Simply convert your PowerPoint into a mirrored PDF file or Powerpoint presentation and use it on any tablet or smartphone (Galaxy, iPad, iPhone etc.) without any special software.