Teleprompter Software

Use PowerPoint as teleprompter software

Teleprompter software is often very cumbersome to use. First you have to type a text, the software mirrors it and scrolls it across the screen at an adjustable speed. On the other hand, it is much easier to use PowerPoint, Keynote or Google Presentations.

Easily mirror a presentation

With a few clicks you can mirror your PowerPoint presentation so that you can easily use it in a teleprompter.

Cheap iPad / tablet teleprompter use

Simply convert your PowerPoint into a mirrored PDF file and use it on any tablet or smartphone (Galaxy, iPad, iPhone, etc.) without any special software.

How do I mirror a PowerPoint presentation?

Here you can see how PPT Mirror works: you simply mirror PowerPoint presentations and create a PowerPoint presentation with mirrored slides.

Animations are removed, because for a teleprompter animations normally do not play a role (and are rather annoying, because the constant switching of animations is more annoying than helpful for the speaker).

If for some reason a step-by-step presentation of elements is required, then simply use several slides for this, where the elements are faded in one after the other.